All is Well in Florida...

Posted by Tommy Moch on 9/8/2017
All is Well in Florida...
We are located in Winter Park, Florida which is just north of Orlando, Florida. Hurricane Irma remains at least a day and one-half away from our premises. It's our expectation to lose power for a period of time, which has been our experience when Hurricane Charley and Jeanne ran over us in 2004. We lost power in each case for over a week. In the case of Charley, it was a direct hit. We had all sorts of debris in the neighborhood and surrounding area, no flooding, thankfully.

Irma is moving slower than previous hurricanes and a bit more powerful. Our website (because our website lives in the cloud...) will be functional 24/7/365. Our onsite terminals may or may not be up depending on the intensity of Irma when we are hit...

We will post an advisory as soon as possible after 9/11/17 when the storm passes, provided we have the power to communicate. 

We appreciate your business and have no fear, we are in good shape in terms of shipping facilities.

Wishing you all the best and thank you for taking time to read this post!!!

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Warmest regards,

Tommy Moch