Garbage in Garbage out?

Posted by Tommy Moch on 11/3/2017
In today's fast-paced society when everything seems to be based on speed, there is increasing stress and pressure to be aligned and time-bound.  

With that, to make schedules fit and timeliness our key priority (considering there are so many clock ticks in a day), something has to be given up to meet time-bound requirements. 

We all have monitoring devices at work or at home to remind us of commitments, schedules, meetings and so on. Yet, in many instances, for the most part, we do not as a whole give much consideration into what we are fueling ourselves with. In fact in most cases (confirmed with rapidly expanding and growth of fast-food chains) eating is a low priority in terms of nutrition and benefit. 

What seems to be happening with the rapid growth and expansion of unhealthy foods to consume are conditions our bodies are having to serve as a warning. It's certainly reasonable that certain illness can be directly linked back to consumption.

As individuals, there is a whole host and range of reasons for conditions and illness; so why not consider this as a contributing factor with Plantar Fasciitis? I've assembled the following information to serve as a reference to consider and check what has been included in our diet and that through management and observation may lead to diminishing probabilities of receiving or return of Plantar Fasciitis. 

I trust this tidbit of information may help us all but if it helps one, it is worth the time and energy to make available. There is a bit more than I want to include in this Blog but I will make it available through this link to Pain0pedia. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and begin to read in the "Diet" section.

Warmest regards,

Tommy Moch