Help is on the way for Plantar Fasciitis!

Posted by Tommy Moch on 9/26/2017
Help is on the way for Plantar Fasciitis!
I've helped people in Canada, United States, U.K., Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The truth of the matter is I have not had a reoccurrence of Plantar Fasciitis since I was completely cured in February of 2015. I wore my Plantar Fasciitis Remedy all day then took it off at night just before going to sleep. I never went barefoot and I do not recommend going barefoot during the treatment cycle. There is a big benefit to wearing any type of shoe which cannot be done with other treatments at more than double the price! Think of it,  Athletic Cleats, Boat Shoes, Chukka Boots, Bowling Shoes, Clogs, Cowboy Boots, Duty Shoes, Dress Shoes, Fisherman Sandals, Flip-Flops, Sandals, Golf Shoes, Slippers, Sneakers, Tennis Shoes, Work Boots, and Yes Ladies, High Heels are compatible and can be worn with Tommy Moch's Plantar Fasciitis Remedy!

We appreciate your time to read this and hope to help you!

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Tommy Moch