Tommy's Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Posted by Tommy Moch on 2/19/2018

I wanted to reach out and share a little private personal information now that I'm on the other side of the event.

I started this company based on personal health issues I've experienced and fortunately, I was able to not only create a way to help myself but thousands of others which is a fantastic feeling.

Over the past two years, I've been nursing a condition that I knew eventually would lead to surgery. In November 2014 I had my right hip replaced because of bone deterioration and loss over time. That surgery was a raging success!

But only a few years later I began to experience the same symptoms with my left hip. I decided to wait it out and manage with medication as long as I could. 2017 was a particularly hard year due to the advanced stage and phase of bone loss in my left hip. I became increasingly less energetic, tired, and less focused.

By the beginning of November 2017 I was beginning to spend more time in bed and less time anywhere else due to the excruciating pain. And once Thanksgiving arrived I was becoming "bedridden."

We decided surgery was an absolute necessity to reverse my declining health and scheduled to meet with an Orthopedic Surgeon after the New Year. He was amazed I had endured as much bone loss as I had for so long... We scheduled left hip replacement on 2/13/18.

The surgery went very well, the doctor too about twice as long due to the sizeable amount of extra work to complete the procedure.

I am six days post-surgery today, I am sitting at my desk, I am walking about a mile a day since last Saturday which was only four days post-surgery.

I'm walking with a cane, slowly but it's a huge improvement. I appreciate all of you who know me that have reached out with your thoughts and prayers.

I'm on the comeback and look forward to helping all of you as best I can from this point forward!

Thank you!!

Tommy Moch

Check This Out

Posted by Tommy Moch on 2/8/2018
This flu season has been extremely harsh in many regions of the U.S. and world. Of course there are a zillion remedies for the symptoms and like anything, some work and some don't.

I like to stick with the high probability treatments which are also affordable. As a child, my mother treated us with Vicks Vapor Rub when we had cold symptoms like stuffy nose, coughing and aches. 

I though recently and wondered what are all of the treatments this product can do since it is so good at what I have used in the past?

So I went online and discovered the following tips to share:

  1. Stop Head Aches
  2. Bring Tears on Demand
  3. Natural Insect Repellant
  4. Aroma Therapy
  5. Treat Acme
  6. Promote Bruise Relief
  7. Prevent Cats From Scratching Furniture, Doors, etc.
  8. Treat Eczema
  9. Moisturize Dry/Cracked Hands, Elbows and Heels
  10. Topical Antibiotic for Wound Treatment
  11. Silence Squeaky Door Hinge
  12. Cure Toenail Fungus
  13. Soothe Ear Ache
  14. Soothe Minor Burns
  15. Topical Analgesic for Tennis Elbow
  16. Use to Make Lips Fuller
  17. Remove Warts on Feet
  18. Soothe Muscle Aches
  19. Topical Moisturizer
  20. Help Race Horses to Maintain Focus
  21. Mask Unpleasant Smells
  22. Make Shower Bombs
  23. Chest Dwecongestant
  24. Heal Splinters or Cuts
  25. Treat Stretch Marks
  26. Deter Pets from Marking or Urinating in Home
  27. Fat Burning Creame
If any of these tips peak curiosity, there is more detail included on the following link with a video presentation.

Vicks is a real pro in their field. We admire that in an organization and aspire to be likewise in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. We sincerely hope you will give us a try, our products are guaranteed, very affordable and will not change your normal routine.

Warmest Regards!

Tommy Moch